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Multi Compartment Trunking

Constructed to the same high quality
as our single compartment range.

Partitions manufactured from
galvanised steel spot welded into position.

Partitions can also be supplied
loose for on-site fixing.

Trunking with unequal spaced
compartments can be supplied - Please
state sizes at time of ordering.

All accessories shown on the single
page can be manufactured
to suit multi-compartment.

All compartments are equally spaced
unless otherwise requested.

How to order

Please use accessory part number
followed by trunking size and the
abbreviated amount of compartments.

Example: A flat 90° gusset bend
for 75mm x 75mm trunking - Part
number FGB + number of compartments
2C = FGB 33/2C.
Tee and Crossover Junctions

These accessories will help reduce lost
capacity at tee and crossover junctions.


Fly-overs are supplied with all
tees and crossovers.

Approximately 50% of cable capacity
is lost when fitting a fly-over.

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